How do you consume SEA MOSS?

How do you consume SEA MOSS?

Sea moss, known as "nature's multi-vitamin", gained a lot of popularity due its immunity boosting powers. Given the extreme health risks that we are exposed to today, sea moss helps support your immune system, while providing a number of other benefits including promoting a healthy digestive system and supporting bone, hair, and nail support. The only drawback of sea moss is its interesting taste and texture.

I have listed 5 ways that you can consume/use sea moss to disguise the taste and texture. 

  1. SmoothieThis is the most common way that I have seen people consume sea moss. The great thing about the sea moss texture is that it blends very easily. The smell and taste are easy to mask with fruits and vegetables.
  2. Tea: This is another common way to consume sea moss. I have found the herbal teas to really help dull the sea moss taste.
  3. Overnight Oats: I have put a little bit of the sea moss in my overnight oats and could not taste the sea moss at all! You can easily mask the sea moss taste with the flavors you add to your oats.
  4. Pasta Sauce: Hear me out! Sea moss has a thickening property that makes it really useful for creamy and thick pasta sauces. I love a good creamy pasta sauce and have added sea moss as a substitute for heavy cream.
  5. Topical Consumption: Sea moss can be used on your skin and hair to restore texture, glow, and overall health. 

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